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Oklahoma City Thunder

A world-class brand with a state-of-the-art facility, the Thunder are dedicated to precision and thoughtfulness in every aspect of what they do. We are proud to have collaborated with their team year after year to update and further develop their internal branding.

Movement Framework Manual

After working with the Thunder to create their Smoothie and Dining program, we had the opportunity to take on a new challenge: to create an in-depth manual containing therapy exercises to be used as a guide for both the physical therapists and players.  We collaborated with the Thunder to create a one-hundred standard manual for their physical therapy team, complete with movement notations, anatomical diagrams, and custom page layouts. In addition to illustration and design, we worked with the photography team to create custom images for the manual. Our first step in building the manual was identifying a style that effectively showed the exercise and movements players needed to follow. Black and white images paired with diagrams and notations to create a system that leads the player through the exercise. Formatting for the manual was taken into consideration for both mobile and print viewing. Each page is individually formatted to allow for physical therapists to send a custom selection of pages to players for easy viewing.

Smoothie and Dining Program

We were entrusted to create an updated Smoothie and Dining program that included accessible ingredient information as well as a comprehensible guide to ingredient benefits for each player’s unique needs. We worked with the Thunder to create branding for their Smoothie and Dining Program. We incorporated custom photography, menu development and a full design build out to improve functionality as well as update materials. Our top priority for this project was to create an easy-to-follow yet educational menu that suited each player's nutritional needs. To identify the nutritional benefits, we created a set of unique, goal-based categories that a player can choose based on their fitness goals. All items in the Smoothie and Dining program fall under these categories. We laid out this information to be easily recognizable at a glance, allowing for players to make quick, personalized decisions on the go.